Are Re Meri Jaan Hai Radha


Radha you are my life, and to you, Radha, I give all

I can not stay away from you.


Whenever you are Radha I will become Shyam

Whenever you are Sita I will become Ram

Without you are day or night I will be half

And from the skies I cry Radha Radha


You have such beautiful big eyes

Your face is very beautiful and charming

You are most unique among all the Gopis

Everybody knows that without you, how can I play my ras leela?

You, the queen of Barsaana, You are the queen of my heart


It is your name that my Bansi calls constantly

And through that the world will recognise your perfume

By the glance of your eyes you have stolen my heart

This is the oneness of Radha and Sri Krishna


Radha, whenever you have hiccup I am thinking of you

In the flow of the Yamuna river I see your image

You wear pearls and ornament yourself

And you go to the riverbanks with your friends

And on doing so

You plant the seeds of your love in a barren land