Lyrics Translations


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You will find the original lyrics in the booklet of the CD.



Jyota Se Jyota Jagavo



My Gurudev

Radhe Shyam

Jai Narasimha Bhagavan

Are Re Meri Jaan Hai Radha



Songs written by:

Sita Dasi (1/2/3/5/6 & 8*)
Pandhari (4 & 7*)
*reinterpreted traditionals

Recorded at Famous Sound Productions by Simeon Holzer

Special Thanks to:
Paramahamsa Vishwananda for blessing Haribol
Chandrika Dasi & Satya Vrata Das for main sponsoring
Demetrios of «Mantras con Amor» for his precious advice
Simeon for his sensitive mixing


CD cover design: Pandhari

Painting of Lakshmi for the song "Narayani" by Jaahnvi Judit Hildebrandt
Contact for original paintings, Canvasprints and seminars:

Fotos for tracks 1/2/3/5/6/7 & 8
with kind permission of Bhakti Marga

BW fotos of Krishna on the cover & CD
with kind permission of Laura Cometti & Giacomo Giometti